17 | JUN | 2019
The night of the long knives at the PRI
Ochoa Reza- Photo: Yadin Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL

The night of the long knives at the PRI

Mexico City
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The night of the long knives at the PRI

Inside the PRI, they are known as the “Campeche's locksmiths”. Those who broke the locks. We're told that although PRI members from different states complained because the party allowed the participation of non-PRI candidates, Samuel Palma, president of the Diagnosis Commission, omitted citing these expressions before the party's National Political Council. And in a sort of “night of the long knives”, we're told that some leaders are starting to point at the ones responsible for breaking the locks: Campeche's Governor, Alejandro Moreno; the former PRI coordinator in the Senate, Emilio Gamboa; the president of the Colosio Foundation, José Murat Casab; the former PRI president, Enrique Ochoa Reza, and the new General Secretary, Arturo Zamora. Adjustments are coming to the party, under the threat “members don't forget”.

Velasco throws a party for López Obrador

Sunday's meeting between the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Chiapas' Governor, Manuel Velasco, rather than a work meeting, it was a party to celebrate López Obrador's triumph on the July 1st election. Mr. López Obrador paraded around Chiapas' Government Palace, accompanied by the Governor, among music, selfies, and hugs. And there is no doubt about their friendship and closeness, as they took a family photo with Anahí and their baby. They explain that although it was quite quick, López Obrador held a meeting where screens were installed, so people could see him better. It's quite evident Velasco was fussing over his new ally.

Red flags at the INEE

By the way, we're told that after the President-elect's announcement about canceling the education reform, and the teachers' evaluation, it raised red flags at the National Institution for the Evaluation of Education, INEE. The cancellation of the reform would imply revoking the INEE's general law, which makes the institution autonomous. In the face of such panorama, we're told, the commissioners are looking for support from researchers and members of the education community to speak in favor of the INEE. A task that won't be easy, as among teachers and researchers there are groups that haven't forgotten the support the Institute's governing board gave the SEP's dispositions in regards to the evaluation and its reluctance to make legislative adjustments that untied the permanence in teaching and diminished the perception of the mistreatment of teachers that characterized the current government. Today, the counselors are the ones defending their permanence if the national education system, not the teachers.

Charrez's impeachment

Hidalgo's Governor, Omar Fayad, direct intervention have created a lot of expectations in the case of Morena's legislator, Cipriano Charrez Pedraza, who is involved in a car crash where a person died. Fayad's instruction to his State Prosecutor is to investigate in depth, but as a way of discrediting a fact, the legislator's participation in the accident, there's talk of an alleged revenge from Fayad against Charrez for their old political disputes. The truth is that in Congress, they are waiting for the installation of a commission to begin Charrez Pedraza's impeachment, so he faces Hidalgo's authorities.


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