Kate del Castillo demands $60 million from the Mexican government

She was linked to “El Chapo” after meeting with him for an interview with Sean Penn

Kate del Castillo demands USD $60 million from the Mexican government
Kate del Castillo didn't visist Mexico for 3 years - Photo: Richard Shotwell/AP
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Mexican actress Kate del Castillo wants a federal judge to force the Attorney General's Office to accept the lawsuit she filed for USD $60 million for the alleged political persecution against her during the previous administration when she was linked to drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

According to the previous administration, Kate del Castillo met with the leader of the Sinaloa cartel with the intention to film a movie about his life. The meeting took place in October 2015 in Sinaloa, Sean Penn was also present. She was also in permanent contact with the cartel leader

Mexico's Attorney General, known as PGR during the previous administration, investigated the actress to determine whether or not she received money from the drug lord to finance her film production company and the tequila brand she launched in the U.S.

After “El Chapo” was arrested, Rolling Stone published an interview Sean Penn made to the drug lord, where Del Castillo was present.

The Mexican actress self-exiled for three years, as she feared being arbitrarily arrested by Mexican authorities.

She returned to Mexico in December 2018, after President López Obrador took office and announced her intention to sue the Mexican government for USD $60 million.

In her lawsuit, the actress claims that the actions of the now extinct General Prosecutor (PGR), which linked her to the drug lord, caused her damages to her honor, health, and image. The judge accepted the amparo and granted her a provisional suspension.


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