Duarte claims he orchestrated his arrest with Peña Nieto's administration

Duarte says he knows the Attorney General is investigating officials who worked for the Peña Nieto administration

Javier Duarte claims he orchestrated his arrest with the Peña Nieto administration
Javier Duarte was arrested in 2017 - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Former Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte, who is currently in jail, sent the Attorney General's Office a document where he states that he is willing to contribute with “valuable and privileged information” in regards to officials who worked in the government during Peña Nieto's administration.

In the letter addressed to the Attorney General, Duarte explains his legal situation and claims that as the former Governor of Veracruz, he is in possession of “information that could be considered as privileged and that, given the opportunity, could be useful for several investigations carried out by the Attorney General.”

Also, Duarte says he knows the Attorney General is investigating several high-ranking officials who worked for the Peña Nieto administration, therefore, his information could be useful to prosecute the former public servants.

Duarte also stated that it is a “civic duty to collaborate in this investigation.”

The most explosive claim made by Duarte involves former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Duarte alleges that his arrest was orchestrated in collaboration with the Peña Nieto administration so that the former government would leave his family alone.

“Of course I agreed to my surrender. They didn't detain me, I surrendered in exchange for them to leave my family alone,” he told journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva.

Duarte explained that in April 2017, “as a parent and at that time, as a husband” this was what he had to do for the well-being of his wife, Karime Macías, and their two children.

“Everyone thinks my family lives with opulence but the truth is they live a precarious situation. My youngest child broke his clavicle and they didn't have money to go to the doctor. They are there (in London) out of necessity, because of political persecution,” Duarte said.

Also, newspaper Reforma published an audio, where Duarte alleges that former President Peña Nieto gave him money so Duarte could bribe officials and the charges against him were modified and he would be released from prison in a few years.


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