Israeli spies operate in Mexico
The company gathers evidence for trials - Photo: Illustration by Daniel Razo

Israeli spies operate in Mexico

Íñigo Arredondo
Mexico City
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The private intelligence agency has offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Madrid

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In Mexico, business leaders are so desperate for justice that an espionage company operated by former Mossad members has been working in the country since last year, in order to fight corruption, opacity, and nepotism in the business industry.

The intelligence agency creates new companies and identities to obtain the information the client needs. For example, the agents can pose as an eccentric business leader who proposes a deal that is hard to turn down.

For weeks, they analyze the psychological profile of the person they will spy and provoke them so that they talk and they can transcribe the information until they find something useful.
The agents claim to be former members of Israel's national intelligence agency, Mossad, and now they work for Black Cube, a private intelligence agency with offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Madrid.

Sourced close to the company told EL UNIVERSAL that Black Cube has operated in Mexico since 2018 and that it plans to open its fourth international office. For the company, the Mexican market is interesting because “it is a large economy and has the presence of multinational companies.”

In Mexico, Black Cube could be working with companies in the energy, mining, and pharmaceutical industries.

What does Black Cube do?

The company gathers evidence for trials. They are hired by corporations, business leaders, or law firms involved in commercial conflicts and Black Cube helps them win the trial through the information obtained. For the company to take a case, there should be between USD $20 and $50 million at stake since they charge between 4% and 5% of the resources retrieved.

The intelligence agency has different ways to present the evidence gathered: directly, through a legal process; appealing to an international arbitration court and the press, or show the information in hopes of reaching an agreement.

Black Cube vows the provide a solution for the client in 90 days.

Black Cube in Mexico

In an interview with Giora Eiland, an adviser at Black Cube and the firmer chief of Israel's National Security Council, Eiland explained that the company works to gather information for trials and lawsuits in order to prove that the clients have been the victims of manipulation, corruption, or bribes. The term used in the industry is “smoking gun,” which means that they find irrefutable evidence.

“[We work] thanks to the gathering of information through open intelligence sources also known as Osint (Open-source intelligence), and human intelligence sources (Humint). Our methods and techniques have always been legal so that the evidence is accepted and valid for the trial. We avoid getting involved in political issues; we only work on commercial issues.”

Black Cube also investigates white-collar crimes and corruption acts.

The company's method to obtain information has been questioned in several countries and Israeli media has also questioned their intentions, nevertheless, sources told EL UNIVERSAL that other companies also operate under similar schemes in Mexico.


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