Isaac Hernández awarded for his talent and career

Mexican dancer Isaac Hernández was awarded with the "Distinguished Mexicans" decoration in the UK

Isaac Hernández awarded for his talent and career
Isaac Hernández is known for his great talent, humility, passion for dance, and will to promote ballet in Mexico - Photo: Taken from Isaac Hernández's official Twitter page
English 16/11/2018 18:19 Notimex Mexico City Actualizada 18:23

The lead dancer of the English National Ballet (ENB), Isaac Hernández, was now awarded with the “Distinguished Mexicans” decoration given by the government of Mexico for his extraordinary professional career, human quality, and professionalism.

In an interview with Notimex, the laureate Mexican dancer stated that this award from the Mexican government is “a very special one.”

“It is very special because it is the first time something like this is done and it is very important to motivate people living far away from Mexico to offer the best of themselves.”

The dancer assured that every time he performs at the world’s best stages, he is “aware that my work is all that people in Mexico are going to know about me,” adding that “it is a great incentive for me to keep offering the best version of myself.”

Isaac Hernández is known for his great talent, humility, passion for dance, and will to promote ballet in Mexico through some of his personal projects such as “Despertares.”

“It is an amazing project. Last year was very important for us, because through our workshops, we were able to involve several creative industries. Now, our project has become a great platform for the Mexican Federation of Creative Industries,” stated Hernández.

The Federation will seek to unify the creative industries sector, also known as the orange economy, which Hernández considers to be “the country’s financial future.”

Hernández started dancing when he was eight years old in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Almost four years ago, he signed a contract with the ENB which will conclude in three years time.

The ambassador of Mexico in the United Kingdom, Julián Ventura, delivered the diploma along with a silver medal courtesy of Mexico’s Casa de la Moneda.

At the event, which took place at the embassy of Mexico, the statesman praised the artistic talent and human quality of the Mexican dancer. “Throughout his career, he has stood out for his technique and professionalism, but also for his human quality,” stated Ventura.

He told that he had first met the Mexican dancer three years ago when he was the ambassador to China “and I was deeply impressed by his maturity, intelligence, kindness, and the deep love he felt for his family and his country.”

The event was attended by the executive director of the ENB, Patrick Harrison, the artistic director, Tamara Rojo, and the well-known Cuban teacher Loipa Araújo.