Indian company invests in Mexico

Motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj, from India, is building a new factory in Lerma, State of Mexico

Indian company invests in Mexico
Bajaj is widely popular in Mexico- Photo: Tanya Guerrero/EL UNIVERSAL
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Motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj, from India, is building a new factory in Lerma, State of Mexico, which will produce 50,000 units per year.

Bajaj recently signed an agreement with Surman Group, and now they are Bajaj's official distributors.

Olaf Sarabia, MotoDrive's director, part of the Surman Group, said that the construction of the factory has begun and that they're on the process of installing all the equipment.

“We haven't determined the complete amount of the investment, it's a totally new factory. We're on the process of installing the tools,” he said.

The production from this factory will be destined, exclusively, to the Mexican market.

From August and until today, Surman Group has sold 1,500 Bajaj motorcycles but estimates that next year the sales will reach up to 36,000 units, as they will have new distributors.

Currently, there are 55 Bajaj distributors in the country, in 77 selling points, and this year they are expected to reach 120 selling points.

Bajaj trusts in the expansion of the motorcycle market in Mexico, as their sales increased 30% in the last 10 years.

In Brazil there are 200 motorcycles per every 1,000 inhabitants; in Colombia 60; while in Mexico only 25.

Surman Group's plan is to build and sell between 100,000 and 150,000 units per year, in the next five years.

Sarabia even considered the possibility of opening a second factory in San Luis Potosí or Durango.

Bajaj is ranked second in the country, behind Italika, the most sold motorcycle brand in Mexico.


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