Impunity in corruption outrages Mexican people: OECD

According to Secretary-General of the OECD, preventive measures are necessary to fight corruption

Secretary-General of the OECD, José Ángel Gurría - Photo: Irvin Olivares/EL UNIVERSAL
English 09/01/2018 15:05 Ivette Saldaña Mexico City Actualizada 15:23

Impunity in corruption cases in Mexico “outrages and frustrates” its citizens, according to Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), José Ángel Gurría.

During an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the Secretary-General claims that despite the number of arrests made in this regard, criminals at large force an adjustment to the systems so there are higher probabilities of punishing those who commit a crime.

When asked directly about the corruption cases in the country of former state Governors, Gurría says the fact that there are cases where those guilty have been arrested is proof that the institutions are still working.

However, the Secretary-General recognizes there are some others who are still at large, which causes “scandal and a huge outrage” in the population.

“You cannot ignore the severity of the facts nor make judgments without considering there is a will in the public system. A will of the government to find the guilty. When there is proof that someone is guilty but a lack of action, then you have the right to make demands,” he added.

Gurría states that regarding transparency and the fight against corruption, it's necessary to prevent because no person is more honest than another, no country is genetically more honest than other, there are only greater opportunities for impunity.

For the former Minister of Finances and Foreign Affairs – during the Zedillo administration – regardless of who wins the election, the country has internal systems which balance and restrict the freedom to rule, in addition to the pressure other countries exert on Mexico, as they seek to attract investments, employment, and trade, which regulates the policies a Head of State can make.

Reform continuity

For the Secretary-General, we need to have more faith in Mexico and worry less about the individuals governing.

“There has to be a continuity of the reforms and a commitment of the candidates to keep and consolidate them as best as they can.”

He insisted reforms aren't meant to last only a year or an administration, that these have to be strengthened to make sure we can reap the benefits and make them irreversible.

Lastly, José Ángel Gurría also considered a pressing matter to make the necessary appointments to consolidate the National Anti-Corruption System, such as the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, and to launch a deep reform of the rule of law and the criminal justice system.


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