Guillermo Del Toro and the unauthorized beer cans

Beer brand Victoria had created 5 million cans with three different images alluding to Del Toro and his monsters

Guillermo Del Toro comes to terms with Victoria on unauthorized beer cans
Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro has supported several causes - Photo: David McNew/REUTERS
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The beer cans that showed the face of Guillermo del Toro, who won an Oscar award for “The Shape of Water” will be substituted by a new design.

The film director from Jalisco, who showed his discontent for the project Cerveza Victoria launched without his permission, sent a message through his Twitter account:
“@VictoriaMX and I have talked. With goodwill, the misunderstanding has been solved. The cans with my face and signature will be substituted by a new graphic design (without profit for me), and on their side, part of the profits will be donated to CDMXOMM and @SOMEXICO. Thank you,” he wrote.

Have you heard of the Mexican students helped by Guillermo del Toro?

Beer brand Victoria had created 5 million cans with three different images: one with Guillermo Del Toro's face, one with the hand with the eye of the Pale Man from “Pan’s Labyrinth,” and one of a monster created by Del Toro.

The cans also had the legend “Because I’m Mexican,” the phrase said by Del Toro when he won the Oscar.

The profits will be donated to the program of Mexico City’s Mathematics Olympiad and to Special Olympics Mexico, which provides sports training to people with intellectual disabilities.

Have you heard of the Mexican students who conquered the International Mathematical Olympiad?

After finding out about the project related to the exhibition “At Home With Monsters,” Del Toro answered via Twitter: “These cans do not have my authorization, nor knowledge, or signature to use my image or my name,” and added that he hoped all profits were donated to the “multiple children teams of mathematics or robotics.”

The Mexican director has supported several causes through donations. One of the most famous cases was when he helped a group of students travel to the Mathematics International Olympiad.

Did you know Guillermo del Toro has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star?


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