Grim picture at the PAN

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Grim picture at the PAN
Marko Cortés, the PAN's leader – Photo: Lucía Godinez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Grim picture at the PAN

We've been told that if the panorama for the PAN in Puebla doesn't look good, in Baja California is even worse, as until now, only one PAN members have been registered to contend for the governorship, therefore, the option to appoint a civilian is almost non-existent, along with the fact that the inhabitants of Baja California aren't happy with Francisco Vega's administration. We've been told that some PAN members are starting to wonder if Marko Cortés is capable of completing these two challenges, as there hasn't been a change in the political strategy that places the PAN as a strong opposition against President López Obrador's government. Some of their critics claim that until now, the PAN is divided and not very well positioned. They say that if Marko Cortés doesn't change the strategy, the PAN is in grave danger before the rise of new oppositions.

Investigation the fund diversion at the NAIM

Those who thought the investigation of the alleged diversion of millions of pesos in the construction of Mexico's New International Airport (NAIM) in Texcoco was canceled are wrong. We've been told that after EL UNIVERSAL revealed the existence of an investigation carried out by the Federal Police, in regards to the alleged fund diversion, the first summons has been issued by the Attorney General's Office. One of the plaintiffs and a former adviser of Mexico City's Airport Group was summoned as part of the investigation that this organization, led Alejandro Gertz Manero, will carry out to find out if the fund diversion took place or not and if it will prosecute those who might have benefited from it.

Pensions for everyone

The financial assistance the new administration will give to the elderly is about to be extended to those who are imprisoned. We've been told that Undersecretary of Well-being is analyzing how to give financial aid to the elderly who are in prison, depending on the crimes they are imprisoned for, they might receive financial aid. We've been told that this is one of the sectors that will also receive the financial aid, along with the elderly who already have a pension, and who used to be excluded from this social program. They expect that the elderly who used to work at the armed forces will also receive this benefit.

Martí Batres' party

The Senate president, Martí Batres, celebrated his 52nd birthday and his lucky year. Martí Batres organized a party this weekend and invited his family and friends, Morena members and even the president of the lower chamber, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo. The reason behind the party was his birthday, nevertheless, in the last year, his career has been on the rise. In the beginning, the lost the candidacy to contend for Mexico City's governorship, nevertheless, his party swept the federal elections and he arrived into the Senate. Therefore, Martí Batres had many reasons to celebrate.