The government copies Vicente Fox

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The government copies Vicente Fox
Vicente Fox had President López Obrador have a rocky relationship - Photo: Emilia Vasquez/EL UNIVERSAL
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The government copies Vicente Fox

The federal government has revealed its “New Mexican School” concept to refer to the philosophical conception of public education in Mexico. Nothing is wrong with the name but it's not very original and if used, the government would have to give credit to its first promoter, former President Vicente Fox. It turns out that his administration was the first to use the term “New Mexican School,” as mentioned in the book Equality, quality, and innovation in the national education development, which was edited by the Fondo de Cultura Económica in 2005 and which shows a picture of Vicente Fox in the cover. In the 4th chapter, on page 161, of one the title is “The New Mexican School: reality and ideas on education policy.” For the Fox administration, schools had to have the proper resources, autonomy, and management capacity. Fox dislikes the new government so much he could even sue it for infringing the copyright.

Is there a vaccine shortage?

We've been told that vaccines shortage is affecting more states. Now, the state of Mexico reports the lack of vaccines in state clinics and at the IMSS, also, it is alarming that the vaccines against measles and other serious illnesses are scarce. In the state of Mexico, parents explain that they have been trying to vaccinate their children against measles, pneumococcal, and hepatitis for weeks but they're asked to return to the clinic in one or two weeks, or in other cases, they're told they'll call them when they have vaccines available. The case has caused uncertainty among the parents who fear for their children. Although President López Obrador himself denied a shortage in vaccines and said it was a “smear campaign,” it would be good if he investigated the matter in case he was given the wrong numbers.

Lawmaker offers to clean the graffiti

PES lawmaker Nayeli Salvatori is quite upset about the criticism against some people who carried out acts of vandalism during a protest to demand the end of violence against women on Friday. On social media, the lawmaker said she was “So done!” and that if “you are so upset about spray paintings left by women during the protest, I will clean them myself as long as you don't minimize what they and many of us fight for.” She added that women “are angry, are afraid.” Nevertheless, the lawmakers didn't say anything in regards to the attacks against reporters who were present during the protest.

The PRI will join the opposition

Today, at the former Senate headquarters, PRI senators will start their plenary session. We've been told that the PRI lawmakers will define their agenda and their strategy to face the new government. They will also announce that the opposition group against Morena will keep operating along with the PAN, PRD, and MC. We've been told that PRI lawmakers think things will be rough for the opposition as the road is full of attacks and intentions to divide the party.



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