Germany returns stolen art to Mexico

A piece of Pre-hispanic origin was returned to Mexico by German authorities after seizing it from criminals

Germany returns stolen art to Mexico
The Mexican ambassador receives the stolen piece – Photo: Taken from the embassy's Twitter account
English 17/07/2018 13:06 EFE Berlin Actualizada 13:49
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In a statement released today by the Mexican embassy in Germany, it was announced that the German government has returned a piece from Pre-hispanic origin to Mexico, it was seized by the German authorities during an operation against illegal art commerce.


It's a small clay piece from the region of the Gulf coast, dated from the classical Mesoamerican period, between 200 and 900 A.D., according to the National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH).

The piece was returned during an official act in Berlin, with the attendance of the Mexican ambassador in Germany, Rogelio Granguillhome, and Elisabeth Wolbers, Chief of the Multilateral Culture Policy Division, part of the External Affairs Secretariat.

Granguillhome said that the piece belongs to the cultural heritage of Mexico and that it will be returned to Mexico soon.

He also said that the government has opened an investigation for the alleged violation of the Federal Law of Artistic and Historical Monuments and Archeological Zones, for the illegal departure of an archeological, artistic and historical monument.

The Mexican embassy highlights that the piece could return to Mexican hands “thanks to the close collaboration with the German authorities” and that both countries signed a convention about the measures that should be adopted to prohibit and prevent the illicit importation, exportation, and transference of cultural assets.

Last March, after 10 years of diplomatic and judicial efforts, Mexico recovered 2 archeological jewelry pieces from the Olmeca dated from 3.200 years ago, which were part of the seized pieces in Germany from Leonardo Patterson's collection, a controversial art collector.


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