The film release Coco postponed

“Day of the Dead” would'be been unable to compete with the Dinsey-Pixar production

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English 26/11/2017 15:22 Ciudad de México EFE Actualizada 13:44
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The premiere of the animated filmed “Día de Muertos” (“Day of the Dead”), produced by Mexican company Metacube, was postponed after film giant Disney-Pixar released “Coco”, which also talks about the festivity of the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

“It was a hard blow to deal with but we couldn't compete with such a big corporation,” said Estefani Gaona, Metacube producer, who decided to postpone the release of their film due to the expected success of “Coco.”

It seems she called it right. The Disney-Pixar film has become Mexico's biggest box-office hit, with over 15 million of spectators within its first 17 days in theaters.

Despite this setback, Gaona claimed “Coco” will help them more than harm them, because the success of the film confirms this Mexican theme is of interest to audiences.

“It's good that 'Coco' will be a worldwide hit. Before, we couldn't even imagine talking about [the Day of the Dead] in countries like Germany,” she added.

For this reason, Gaona believes the film will have a good reception among domestic and international audiences in November 2018 – when it will finally be released, a year after its intended date.

“Our film will have its moment,” the producer said with confidence and admitted several American and European distributors have already shown their interest in Metacube's film.

“Day of the Dead” tells the story of Salma, a girl who's trying to find out why she's the only one unable to revive her loved ones on November 1st.

The story itself began with the incorporation of Metacube in 2003, although it wasn't until 2007 when they drafted the first script for the film.

However, it was until 2012 that the Guadalajara-based company was able to gather the resources necessary to launch the project and begin production in 2016.

“In Mexico, it's complicated to make animated films due to a lack of financing,” claimed Gaona, who believes “Day of the Dead” will help boost the industry.

“Our budget is 5% of a Hollywood movie,” she said, although she also stressed that Mexico is capable of producing quality films.


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