Fans sing anti-Semitic chant

"The language in that song is not acceptable at all,” said Chelsea's head of communications, Steve Atkins

The Blues supporters - Photo by Larry French /AP
English 10/09/2017 14:37 News Agencies Actualizada 14:40

The Chelsea football team has condemned the anti-Semitic chants sang by their supporters this Saturday after their victory over Leicester City (2-1), and have asked all supporters to cease repeating the chant.

After the Spanish striker Álvaro Morata scored the first goal shortly before the first half, the Blues began to sing, using an offensive word to refer to the Jews, in particular, the fans of the Tottenham Hotspur, their main rival, considered the club of the Jewish community in that city.

The head of communications of the Chelse, Steve Atkins, said: “The club and the players appreciate the fans' passionate support away from home, but the language in that song is not acceptable at all.”

“We've spoken to Alvaro after the game and he does not want to be connected to that song in any way and both the player and the club request that the supporters stop singing that song with immediate effect,” he added. The player himself asked for respect for everyone through his Twitter account:

It's not the first time Chelsea fans sing anti-Semitic remarks. In February 2015, a group was recorded pushing a black commuter off a subway train in Paris before the Champions League tie.

In 2013, the Football Federation warned the supporters that the use of the word “Yid” could result in their arrest, as part of a campaign against discrimination.

A few days ago, the FIFA opened a disciplinary file against the German Federation, after several of their supporters sang Nazi during a World Cup qualifier game in the Czech Republic. At the time of this article, the Football Association hasn't released a statement on the matter.

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