A guide to Mexico City

Mexico City has launched a travel guide for foreign tourists!

The essential guide to Mexico City
Mexico City has become one of the most attractive, captivating, and interesting cities in the world - Photo: Adrián Hernández/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexico City has launched a new website for foreign tourists! This new website offers a complete guide to cultural activities, archeological sites, museums, art galleries, churches, restaurants, street food, bars, and other attractions.

This new Mexico City guide offers a wide range of information about Mexican traditions, museums, neighborhoods, Mexican gastronomy and more.


Moreover, the new website provides essential information, including weather forecasts, emergency services, and information in regards to international embassies in Mexico City.

It also explains how to get around the city using its public transport system, including the metro, metrobús, bicycles, as well as taxis and mobility apps.


The most exciting part is perhaps the gastronomic guide as it provides everything foreign tourists need to know about food in Mexico City, including both restaurants and street food.



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