Ernestina Godoy, Mexico City's new Attorney
Ernestina Godoy has been the city's prosecutor since November 2018 - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL

Ernestina Godoy, Mexico City's new Attorney

Mexico City
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The transition from Prosecutor to Attorney General's Office should represent a real transformation

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The new Mexico City Attorney, Ernestina Godoy, will take office in January 2020 with the hope that things in regards to security should change in the city, keeping in mind that a pacification policy could eradicate the causes behind crimes. Godoy has also stated that you can put the fire out with more fire.

Godoy, who is still the city's prosecutor, told EL UNIVERSAL that her administration will focus on first-time offenders and preventing them from perpetrating more crimes. For this reason, the main interest won't be on sending someone to jail, but rather on the damage reparation.

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The official explains that although one of her main goals is to eradicate drug trafficking and homicides but for society, eradicating extortion, property theft, and robberies in public transport are the main concerns because these crimes have increased in recent months.

Moreover, the justice system offers alternative mechanisms to solve controversies, in order to solve the overcrowding in prisons yet this measure hasn't been used. One of these mechanisms is mediation. In Mexico City, there are 20 courts that are mostly empty; therefore, this situation can be improved by the prosecutor.

The transition from Prosecutor to Attorney General's Office should represent a real transformation in the way justice is delivered in Mexico City.

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The appoint of Ernestina Godoy is an opportunity to correct mistakes and improve, placing citizens at the center, in order to regain their trust in authorities as well as lowering impunity rates, which have sparked an increase in crime.

Furthermore, the appointment of a woman increases the expectations that the new Attorney General's Office will deliver justice from a gender perspective. Moreover, Godoy has said she is empathic towards women, especially during a time when the demand for the eradication of violence against women is general.

Ernestina Godoy has vowed to take a 180 degrees turn in her new role, which is the least people expect from one of the officials who have argued in favor of an autonomous justice department.

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