Environmental activist Eugui Roy Martínez was murdered in Oaxaca

Eugui was a member of the Organization for Environmental Protection in Oaxaca

Environmental activist Eugui Roy Martínez was murdered in Oaxaca
Environmental activists have been targeted by criminals in recent years - Photo: Taken from Colectivo Los Tlacuas' Facebook page
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Environmental activist Eugui Roy Martínez Pérez was murdered in San Agustín Loxicha, in Oaxaca, on May 7. 
Eugui was a member of the Organization for Environmental Protection in Oaxaca
Eugenie Roy Martinez was 21 years old and was studying biology at the Instituto Tecnológico del Valle de Oaxaca (Technological Institute of the Valley of Oaxaca.) The activist also spent his time in the preservation of reptiles and amphibians

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According to his family, Eugui was shot dead in a ranch in San Agustín Loxicha. Rosalinda Martínez, his sister, explained: “My brother decided to spend that quarantine in the ranch, collecting insects, studying, writing for a magazine, looking after a few deers, besides creating content for his blog; nevertheless, on the morning of May 7, the neighbors found him on the floor, covered in blood, dead.” She added that she hopes the crime doesn’t go unpunished.

The victim’s family and fellow activists have demanded justice and asked Governor Alejandro Murat and Attorney Rubén Vasconcelos to investigate the case. 
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