Emirates Airline set to operate in Mexico

Emirates Airlines obtained permission to operate a daily flight between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona starting next December 9, 2019

Emirates Airline set to operate in Mexico
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Emirates Airlines obtained permission to operate the flight between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona starting next December 9, 2019.

The permission was granted by the Communications and Transports Ministry, so the airline is on its way to begin its daily flights next month,

Salem Obaidalla, senior vice president of Emirates Americas Commercial Operations, said that the airline is glad to confirm they obtained the permission for the flight.

“Emirates hopes to serve its customers in Mexico and to offer travelers in the route our unique and awarded service.”

“We would like to express our appreciation to Mexico’s authorities that have granted us the permission and the necessary time slots to operate out flights,” said the executive in a release.

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Emirates said that it manages itself commercially, it is financially transparent and does not receive government subsidies.

They are sure the new route between Dubai and Mexico City will help boost both tourism and commerce.

“We hope to keep contributing to the Mexican economy, stimulating the creation of jobs, and generating important social benefits for Mexico City and the country in general,” asserted Emirates.

Have you heard of Emirates  Airline's plan to fly daily from Mexico City to Dubai?

From December 9, 2019, Emirates’ daily flights between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona will operate in the following hours:

EK 255 will depart from Dubai at 03:30 local time and will arrive in Barcelona at 8:00 local time.

The flight will depart from Barcelona at 9:55 and will arrive in Mexico City at 16:15 on the same day.

EK256 will depart from Mexico City at 19:40 local time, arriving at Barcelona the following day at 13:25 local time.

EK256 will then depart from Barcelona to Dubai at 15:10, arriving at 00:45  the next day.

Emirates clients flying from Mexico to Dubai can connect to flights to south and southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Have you heard that despite a court ruling against it, Emirates insisted it could still fly to Mexico?

On December 9, Emirates will officially launch its operations in Mexico with its Dubai-Mexico City flight.

This is the biggest airline in the world and operates in 155 airports in 83 countries. It is also known for its luxury and commodities; for example, it offers gourmet food. Furthermore, it was the first airline to place a screen on each seat since 1992.

In 2018, the airline transported 58.5 million passengers and 2.6 million tonnes of products.

In total, 60,282 people work for Emirates and the airline collaborates with other 21 airlines in the world. In Mexico, it has recently formed an alliance with Interjet.


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