Emilio Lozoya is becoming quite popular

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Emilio Lozoya is becoming quite popular
Emilio Lozoya said he would expose corruption current and former government officials - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/CUARTOSCURO.COM
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Emilio Lozoya is becoming quite popular 

It is still unknown if Emilio Lozoya has already revealed the information that will be allegedly used to jail former officials involved in corruption cases. The fact is the Attorney General’s Office and the federal government are not the only ones interested in hearing Lozoya’s side of the story. Sources said that since authorities extradited him from Spain, his stay at a private hospital, and his first two hearing, people have filed 200 requests from information from 31 government departments regarding the former Pemex chief. Lozoya is becoming quite popular these days.

Where’s Víctor Manuel Toledo?

After a recoding of Environment Minister Víctor Manuel Toledo went viral last week, where he criticizes the federal government and several cabinet members, he has yet to comment on the incident. Last Wednesday, the Semarnat said it would release a statement but it hasn’t been the case. Did Toledo solve his issues with the government, especially Alfonso Romo, who he accused of blocked the environment agenda? Regarding some accusations, Víctor Manuel Toledo must explain certain things and he also must file a report before authorities.

Morena wants to govern Michoacán

The only state governed by the PRD is Michoacán, and Morena already has a few possible candidates for the upcoming elections, including Germán Martínez. Germán Martínez quit the IMSS and returned to the Senate, he is a member of Morena and has been critical of some government policies. In the past, Martínez was a PAN leader and worked for Felipe Calderón’s administration. Another possible candidate is Raúl Morón, the current Morelia mayor. Either of them could be the ones who conquer the state for Morena.

Who will lead the Senate?

Some senators have started to show interest to lead the Senate. Possible candidates have met with the opposition, PT, and PES. One of them is Morena senator Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, who recently met with PAN leader Mauricio Kuri González. Ramírez Aguilar is trying to convince Kuri to help him reach consensus. We don’t know if his strategy will work, not because of the opposition, but because he is moderate and dialogues with others, something other Morena members lack.


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