El Bronco has been tamed
Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, known as El Bronco, used to be outspoken - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL

El Bronco has been tamed

Mexico City
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El Bronco has been tamed

Yesterday, on the last day President López Obrador was in Nuevo León, governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, aka El Bronco, was booed. In his home state, El Bronco recognized that it is not easy to be an independent governor and remembers how López Obrador won the presidential election in July 2018. It seems like El Bronco we met during the federal election is gone and that his new version has been criticized and has several pending campaign promises to fulfill.

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Does the President miss the presidential plane?

Yesterday, during his flight from Monterrey to Mexico City, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador bumped into PT leader Alberto Anaya, who insists on obtaining resources for his daycare centers. We’ve been told that it wasn’t an easy negotiation process, that it seemed like the President wouldn’t listen to him but in the end, López Obrador listened to him and asked the Education Minister to review his proposal.

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The fight for confidential information

The issue regarding data protection has been in the spotlight in recent weeks. We’ve been told that the INE and the Interior Ministry are embroiled in a quarrel because the autonomous organization refuses to hand over biometric information to the government. On the other hand, the National Archive and the INAI are fighting over sensible information. There are turbulent times ahead.

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José Narro visits the PRD

We’ve been told that the former Health Minister and former PRI member, José Narro Robles, will be present during a PRD led session, where he will talk about the crisis in the health sector. We’ve been told that Narro will share his experience with PRD members.

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