Dr. López-Gatell has a new enemy

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Dr. López-Gatell has a new enemy
9 governors asked Dr. López-Gatell to resign - Photo: Omar Contreras/EL UNIVERSAL
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Dr. López-Gatell has a new enemy

Yesterday, while President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stepped in to defend Dr. Hugo López-Gatell after 9 governors demanded his resignation, the head of the Federation of Unions of Workers at the Service of the State, former senator Joel Ayala, launched a tirade against López-Gatell and told him to stop promoting his image. The union leader said Dr. López-Gatell must stick to reality as the COVID-19 pandemic nears 50,000 deaths and to stay away from a political future. Another enemy for Mexico’s COVID-19 czar.

Will Morena lawmakers switch parties?

The PT needs a larger number of lawmakers to lead the lower chamber and this could be its opportunity after Morena lawmakers are concerned regarding the way Morena is acting at the lower chamber. Sources said some lawmakers feel ignored because their proposals will never see the light of day. Moreover, they will likely never take the stand because their proposals do not interest President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Therefore, some Morena lawmakers are becoming interested in the PT, especially since the party offered to support their proposals.

Universities are autonomous

Sources said that Education Minister Esteban Moctezuma said universities would determine when to resume classes, as long as they follow health measures, to show that universities are autonomous. Now, the UNAM is facing the challenge of establishing health measures to protect students, professors, and workers, as well as launching a hybrid online and in-person educational model. This is no easy task.

Mexico will repatriate more urns

On Monday, Mexico’s consulate in New York, led by Jorge Islas López, starts to receive more urns of Mexicans who died of COVID-19 in the U.S. The consulate will receive the urns until August 21 and will transport them to Mexico in late August. 


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