Cruz Azul premises seized by authorities in Mexico City

The property was made available to the Cruz Azul's Executive Board

Cruz Azul premises seized by authorities in Mexico City
The Cruz Azul Cooperative will soon elect the new members of its boards - Photo: Taken from Cemento Cruz Azul's Facebook account
English 06/08/2020 14:08 Newsroom Mexico City David Fuentes & Kevin Ruiz/EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 14:08
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On Thursday early morning, the premises of the Cruz Azul Cooperative, located at Periférico Sur in Mexico City were seized.

A Mexico City judge ordered Cooperative Cruz Azul, S.C.L. to make available its corporative premises, located in 5550-5 Periférico Sur, Pedregal de Carrasco, to the current Executive Board.

In addition, the judge’s order mentions that they have to hand over assets, machinery, and equipment located in the facilities, located at Mexico City’s Coyoacán borough.

In order to be fulfilled, the court order authorizes the use of public force and breaking locks and asks the pertaining authorities to help the actuary to conduct the judge’s order.

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“For the due fulfillment of the order, the use of public force and the breaking of the locks is authorized, for which the notice must be issued by the Mexico City Citizen Security Ministry and other authorities of the kind so that they help the actuary in the performance should it be required,” reads the order.

The decisión was made by Judge Jonnathan Julián Molina Suárez.

Moreover, ordered to make available the next properties to Cooperative Cruz Azul S.C.L.:

  • Cruz Azul Hidalgo Plant, located at Tula-Tepeji del Río highway, Kilometer 6, 42840, Ciudad Cooperativa, Cruz Azul, Hidalgo, as well as the assets, machinery, and equipment found in that plant.
  • Cruz Azul Lagunas Plant, located at Transístmica Coatzacoalcos – Salina Cruz highway, Kilometer 203, Barrio de la Soledad, Lagunas, Oaxaca, as well as the assets, machinery, and equipment found in that plant.

Judiciary sources added that this precautionary measure was pending as part of the process of the Cooperative’s Executive Board.

The measure in favor of the Cooperative’s Executive Board is also part of a trial in civil matters that has been extended at the High Court of Justice and in which the removal of Víctor Garcés was achieved in 2015.

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A key day for Cruz Azul and the Cooperative
Next August 26 will be the key day for the Cruz Azul Cooperative to define the future of the company and the Liga MX soccer team.

The Extraordinary General Assembly will take place that day to determine what will happen to the organization while Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas is ratified as general director and president of the team.

This meeting will also determine the boards within the Company, so the Executive and Surveillance Boards, led by dissidents Víctor Manuel Velázquez and José Antonio Marín, will not be invited to be part of the, as some sources confirmed to EL UNIVERSAL Deportes.


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