COVID-19: Mexicali has Wuhan’s coronavirus curve

Wuhan is considered the epicenter of the infection from where COVID-19 spread to the world

COVID-19: Mexicali has Wuhan’s coronavirus curve
The new coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China – Photo: Francisco Caoedo/Xinhua
English 04/04/2020 10:50 Mexico City Gabriela Martínez Actualizada 11:13
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Mexicali’s growth curve regarding COVID-19 confirmed cases is just as the one registered in Wuhan, China, considered the epicenter of infections to the rest of the world, as revealed by Baja California’s Health Minister Alonso Pérez Rico.

During a daily news conference with governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez, he said that half of all the confirmed cases in the state are located in Mexicali.

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Pérez Rico said that in Mexicali, people have not followed the recommendations made by health authorities weeks ago to prevent people from leaving their homes and, in case of doing so, to distance themselves from others to reduce the risk of infection.

He showed a chart in which he compared not only the number of cases but the growth curve of the northern city and that of China to then explain that, proportionally, the speed of the growth rhythm of the number of infections is the same, which increases the risk of the collapse of the health system.

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“During the first 15 days, just as there were cases in Wuhan and there are being in Mexicali, what we see is basically an identical curve to Wuhan’s, but it calls the attention that epidemic curves go upward, practically identical,” said the state official.

Last month, there was a public referendum to know the opinión of civilians about the operation of a foreign brewery in which thousands of people participated, even when days before the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 were registered in the state.

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