Coronavirus empties Mexico City

Drones have captured the quiet emptiness of Mexico City during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus lockdown empties Mexico City’s streets
Mexico City is the biggest city in Mexico - Photo: Miguel Kurz
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Not long ago, several users, professional drone operators, and photographers in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the region where the COVID-19 originated, used drones to register what was happening in different parts of the city amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

As the virus spread to other countries until it became a pandemic, more internet users all over the world have joined this photographic project.

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Recently, it was the turn of Mexico City. Endorsed by DJI, a drone making company, the experts on the operation of these air vehicles Miguel Kurz and Gerardo Sandoval were able to capture the following images of the capital of Mexico during the pandemic.

Juárez Avenue – Photo: Gerardo Sandoval (@gess8)


The Palace of Fine Arts – Photo: Gerardo Sandoval

Bicentennial Circuit – Photo: Miguel Kurz (@miguel_kurz)

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River Tibet Street and Reforma Avenue – Photo: Miguel Kurz

Bicentennial Circuit – Photo: Miguel Kurz (@miguel_kurz)

Interior Circuit and Eduardo Molina – Photo: Miguel Kurz

Monument to the Revolution – Photo: Miguel Kurz

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