The controversial Bioethics Guide

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The controversial Bioethics Guide
Hospitals are making the decision to save those who will live longer - Photo: Chinatopix via AP
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The controversial Bioethics Guide

EL UNIVERSAL recently published an article about the Bioethics Guide for the Allocation of Critical Medicine Resources, published by the General Health Council. The document recommends prioritizing young patients over the elderly in case there are not enough suppliers to treat all patients infected with COVID-19. When questioned about this, Dr. López-Gatell said this “does not imply an executive decision at this moment.” Nevertheless, we’ve been that hospitals treating patients who contracted the virus, as well as at the INER, they have been working on specific protocols about who to prioritize when the situation worsens. So what does this mean? With or without an executive decision, hospitals are making the decision to save those who will live longer.  

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AMLO vs. public figures

When someone criticizes President López Obrador or his policies, he responds by calling them conservatives. In recent weeks, he has intensified his attacks against the media and now, against public figures. During his daily news conference, the President said conservatives are now using public figures to attack him. Without naming anyone, he criticized a football player, a singer, and a comedian, who are all part of a strategy against him. However, it is known he was referring to Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, Thalía, and Eugenio Derbez, who have all criticized him. 

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The PAN wants to work online

PAN is pushing for the Senate to go back to work virtually to solve several pending issues. So far, we’ve been told that Senate leader Mónica Fernández told PAN leader Mauricio Kuri that they would have to reform the Constitution and the laws and rules of Congress. We’ve been told that the Legislative Branch is in trouble because of the lack of faculties to work from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Mónica Fernández has called for a meeting to analyze the situation and perhaps present bills for a reform that allows virtual sessions. But in case this initiative went ahead, there would be no time to approve it before April 30.

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A birthday present for Rocío Nahle

Energy Minister Rocío Nahle received a present on his birthday yesterday when President López Obrador all the cabinet congratulated her virtually and congratulated her for the way in which she handled the negotiations with the OPEC. President López Obrador emphasized the way in which she acted and reminded us about how many representatives from other countries applauded her decisions. Rocío Nahle is now invited to the President's new conference, where she will explain the agreement in detail. 

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