Comic-con Mexico announced

Disclaimer: This event is not related to Comic-Con San Diego or its organizers

Comic-con Mexico 2019 announced
Comic Con-Mexico will take place from March 21 to March 24, 2019 – Photo: Mike Blake/REUTERS
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Disclaimer: This event is not related to Comic-Con San Diego or its organizers.

Comic-con San Diego is, without a doubt, one of pop culture's most important events, Attending is every comic lover dream come true.

And although in Mexico there are similar events like La Mole, the TNT, and La Conque, on Monday it was announced that next year Mexico City will have a similar event to the Comic-Con.

In a statement released by H.A., Bruno Events, and MAD Event Management, it was announced that “the authentic comic, pop culture, cosplay, anime, k-pop, gaming and entertaining festival, will arrive in Mexico City for the first time” from March 21 to March 24 at the Pepsi Center WTC.

Martha Donato, the MAD Management CEO, described Comic-Con Mexico as “a dream because of its size, significance, and importance of the team behind its development”

“We're thrilled to work together with incredible and extremely professional people to organize a world-class event. We've been working with Steve Ianuzzi (H.A. Bruno Events) and Ed Kelly (HIR Expo International) to develop a unique event in Mexico City”, she says.

On his behalf, Steve Ianuzzi said: “I'm very excited to start the next phase of what's been a successful and long trajectory in this industry”, reads his statement.

“Our ability to establish relations, to connect with new talents and to develop an extraordinary experience for Comic-Con Mexico, has no precedent”.

Details about the activity program and the guest list for the 4-day-long event haven't been released, nevertheless, it has created expectation, joy and even suspicion between social media users, where they question the reliability of the event and they even claim that the event is not related to the Comic-Con in San Diego, that will take place next Thursday, July 19 and until July 22.

Comic-Con Mexico's full statement 


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