17 | OCT | 2019
Children's book in 18 languages teaches about the power of words
The book has been translated to 18 languages thanks to the work of over 40 translators - Photo: Taken from Womagis' Twitter page

Children's book in 18 languages teaches about the power of words

Mexico City
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Womagis is an inclusive tale that celebrates multiculturalism and shows the power of words

With the purpose of providing children with the power to build their worlds through words and to create languages for peace comes “Womagis”, the first book in 18 languages in the world. It is written in a game-oriented way and it tells a story of magic, aiming to empower small children.

Written and created by Marta Villegas, and published by Random House-Mondadori and Fondo de Cultura Económica publishing house, the book is built around illustrations which are framed by boxes that show messages in different languages. The position of the boxes changes throughout the book, turning the story into a game for readers to play.

Although the book is meant for children above the age of six, the aim is for it to be read in groups, both by multilingual families and those who are curious to learn about other languages and cultures. In order to facilitate its distribution, it has been translated into 18 languages thanks to the work of over 40 translators.

Illustrated by Mónica Carretero, Womagis “Shows the value of words and their capacity to create or destroy, to love or hate. The book dwells on the importance of using words in a proper and good way, revealing how it is possible to build a better world through them so that the universal language of love prevails in the world.”

The wizard Womagis is the protagonist of this innovative story. He teaches Olivia, a little girl, to become “a wizard of the world and a wizard of her own life,” in an inclusive tale that celebrates the differences between human beings and “allows us to enjoy multiculturalism and make us feel like citizens of the same world, regardless of where we come from.”



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