Carlos Slim to build the second Mayan Train stretch

The second Mayan Train stretch goes from Escárcega to Calkini

Carlos Slim to build the second Mayan Train stretch
The Mayan Train aims to reactivate the economy in southeastern Mexico - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Carlos Slim Helú’s consortium formed by Operadora Cicsca and FCC Contrucción won the tender for the second Mayan Train stretch.

The second stretch will connect the cities of Escárcega and Calkini.

On Thursday, the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur) reported the results of the tender that includes the executive project, the track-laying, the construction of the train platform, and the materials to perform the corresponding works.

The budget of the Slim consortium proposed for this project was of MXN $18.554 billion.

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Carlos Slim set to win the tender for the third stretch
The richest man in Mexico, Carlos Slim, is getting ready to win the tender for the third Mayan Train stretch.

FONATUR announced that it received 16 proposals from national and international companies for the 172 km stretch that will pass through Calkini, Campeche, Izamal, and Tabasco. The results for this tender will be given on May 15.

The works will begin 10 days after the results are announced, that is, on May 25.

The proposals come from Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese companies that will be graded according to the law and bidding bases that will analyze them in technical, legal, and financial terms to choose the one with the best quality-cost relation both for FONATUR and the project.

One of the consortiums is formed by the companies CAABSA Constructora, COMSA Infraestructura, Grupo Constructor Diamante, CAABSA Infraestrcutura, and Prefabricados y Transportes PRET, whose proposal was of MXN $9,756,556,932.29.

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The second group is formed by Construcciones Urales, Gami Ingeniería e Instalaciones and Azvi with a proposal worth MXN $10,192,938,694.58.

The third group is formed by Arturo Hernández González, Sanybrac Construcciones, Constructora Comercializadora Carsan, Constructora y Servicios Aress, Enrique Pérez Jiménez, Andemex, Jairo Enrique Pérez Nandez, Geotecnia Supervisión, Corporativo Multidisciplinario BGG, KIN Construcciones Ideas, GCH Construcciones, Xime Energy, ElectroConstrucciones MD, Galoma, and Desarrollo Mantenimiento y Servicios San Juan with a proposal of MXN $10,275,848,637,22.

The fourth group is formed by Sinohydro México, Power China International Group Limited, Constructora e Inmobiliaria Atica, SACK Construcciones and Supervisión y Fuerza de Apoyo Constructiva Occidente with a proposal worth MXN $10,322,893,853.84.

Grupo Industrial Rubio and China Railway International Group are the fifth group with a proposal worth MXN $601,106.93.

The sixth group is made up of Sacyr Construcciones, Sacyr Construcción, Sacyr Neopul, Técnicos Especializados de Chiapas, Constructora Gordillo, Impulsora de Soluciones en Infraestructura, and Escudero Construcciones with an offer of MXN $10,460,395,445,35.

ICA Constructora, ICA Infraestructura, and Impulsora de Desarrollo Integral offered MXN $10,486,395,096.12.

Finally, Cicomex Group, Constructora Andrade Gutiérrez, Ocean Marine, Rieles Proyecto y Obra, Marisa de México, FMI Proyects S, Armadora Tabasqueña, and Maren Marine are the eighth group that offered MXN $10,828,878,811.01.

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