Carlos Salinas' file will be made public

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Carlos Salinas' file will be made public
Carlos Salina's public file will by ready in late August - Photo: Lucia Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Carlos Salinas' file will be made public

We've been told that those working overtime are the General Archive's employees since they have to hide the names of politicians, military officials, nicknames, age, and other sensible information contained in Carlos Salinas de Gortari's archive. We've been told that the employees are working long hours to create a public version of the archive of the former President between 1980 and 1984 when he worked as an academic and the head of the Planning and Budget Ministry. Sources claim that there reviewing thousands of pages and that Carlos Salina's public file will be ready in late August.

The government wants a new ombudsman

It seems Luis Raúl González Pérez, the head of the National Human Rights Commission, has very slim chances of being reelected after Morena's spokesperson in the Senate, Salomón Jara, made certain statements and rejected González Pérez's declarations in regards to key issues for the federal government. The appointing of the new head of the human rights commission takes place in the Senate, where Morena is the leader, also, we've been reminded that González Pérez didn't meet with the President to present his report. So Jara is getting ahead since this won't be voted until November.

Textbooks will be ready for the next school year

We've been told that the nationwide distribution of textbooks in public schools started in May. The National Free Textbooks Commission claims that it will deliver the books to the local warehouses so that local authorities distribute them. In Mexico City, the books will be distributed among 7,604 schools. To this date, authorities have delivered 2.6 million books, which is 40% of the total. Authorities claim the textbooks will be all delivered by late July.

Is this Democrat helping migrants?

If there are any doubts left that Mexico is indeed part of the electoral strategies in the U.S., it is enough to look at the accusations being made against Democrat lawmaker Verónica Escobar. She is accused of secretly sending her staff to Mexico so that they can advise those who want to request asylum in the U.S. Those accusing her claim that these actions are taking place in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. Is she collaborating with Mexican authorities?


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