A Cárdenas to take over PEMEX

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A Cárdenas to take over PEMEX
Cárdenas Batel is set to lead PEMEX – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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A Cárdenas to take over PEMEX

Andrés Manuel López Obrador's team is planning a high-profile move to nominate the future PEMEX general director. We're told that López Obrador's collaborators want one of the Cárdenas to lead the state-owned company. If you thought it would be the engineer Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, you're wrong. This time, we're told, is Lázaro Cárdenas Batel, former Michoacán governor, and son of the PRD founder. If the enterprise is successful, Mr. Andrés Manuel's small group would score a 10, by assigning a member of the Cárdenas family to lead PEMEX. Of course, they explain, others who were interested in the position, like Mario Delgado, would be out.

Monreal-Batres round 2

Morena members tell us that in the Senate a second fight between Moreal and Batres is expected. As you might remember, both heavyweights fought for Mexico City's leadership, but in the end, they both lost against Claudia Sheinbaum. Nevertheless, although they gave each other shots to the liver blindly, now the fight could be even bigger. We're told that today, the fight between Ricardo Monreal and Martí Batres could be about the leadership of the Morena branch on the Senate, which now is the dominant political force. Although Monreal has received López Obrador's blessing, Mr. Martí thinks this is not a done deal, because he claims that it's not that simple and that AMLO's recommendation to the future senators has to be approved by them first. Some Morena members ask themselves if what Batres said means he's rebelling against López Obrador, or if it's a message to Monreal so that he knows he'll be working with a barnstormer called Martí, who will be watching Ricardo's every move so he doesn't stray from the right path, as recommended by the incoming President.

Sánchez Coredesro's clarity

The one who seems to know the part Ricardo Monreal will play in the Senate is the future Interior Affairs Secretary, Olga Sánchez Cordero. The retired Supreme Court minister and virtual senator is wasting no time to prepare the changes and proposals the new government will start with in December, and yesterday she met with Monreal, to define the priorities of their legislative agenda. That way, while the party discusses their endeavors, Mrs. Olga is already working on what will be the executive branch's responsibilities. And in Monreal's case, we're told that last Tuesday, a group of around 50 elected senators from Morena, held a meeting in a hotel in Reforma to reiterate their support.

Looking to give AMLO safety

The virtual President's negative to have bodyguards, offered by the Presidential Guard, has been very clear. Nevertheless, we're told that the federal government keeps insisting on the need that López Obrador has a security team, with the argument that he's about to become the new President. They explain that high-ranking officials in Peña Nieto's administration have, in several occasions, talked to López Obrador himself to convince him to accept the security team. And of course, if he doesn't want the Presidential Guard, it's very important that AMLO himself chooses a team that protects him during the transition period.


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