Bauhaus returns to Mexico

After 15 years of absence, the gothic rock pioneers Bauhaus will come back to Mexico

Bauhaus returns to Mexico
Bauhaus will visit Mexico after 15 years of absence – Photo: Taken from Bauhaus’ Facebook account
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With Peter Murphy in the vocals, Daniel Ash in the guitar and saxophone, Kevin Haskins in the drums, and David J in the bass, Bauhaus will come back to Mexican stages after 15 years of absence.



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The British gothic rock band will have a concert next April 28 and 29 in Mexico City.

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Although there is still not a date for tickets sale to begin, Noiselab, the Mexican firm in charge of bringing Bauhaus to the Aztec capital, has announced that the concert will take place at Frontón México.

The influence of Bauhaus started between 1978 and 1979, when the band released its first single called "Bela Lugosi’s Dead," the 9 minutes of which were recorded in a single take.

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For the launch of their first LP, "In the flat field" (1980), Bauhaus already had three singles in England: "Dark Entries," "Terror Couple Kill Colonel," and "Telegram Sam," hits that would begin their legendary influence among rock bands of the next decades.

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Although the band did not last long due to problems among its members, each musician carried on with their own projects. In 1998, Bauhaus reunited for the “Resurrection Tour” and in 2005, the band had a special performance in Coachella, which ignited a tour in the United States and Mexico that extended to Europe in 2006.



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After 28 years of not recording, in 2008, the gothic rock pioneers made their last album, until now, called "Go Away White."

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