Avocado, from Mexico to the world

Avocado has been harvested for around 50,000 years

Avocado, from Mexico to the world
Avocado - Photo: Kevin Midigo/AFP
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According to Mexican authorities, Mexico is the biggest avocado producer in the world. According to the Agriculture Ministry “Until January 2018, the national production of avocado was of almost 184,000 tons, 12% higher than the production in January 2017.”

The states with high production levels are Michoacán, Jalisco, Yucatán, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, Veracruz, and Puebla. The Agriculture Ministry said that “Michoacán is the leader of the avocado production; it allocates 166,000 hectares to this product and generated around 174,000 tons, which represents almost 95% of the national production in the month previously mentioned.”

Avocado is, without a doubt, one of the most important foods for Mexicans and foreigners in 34 countries around the world. But do you know how many types of avocado exist?

1. Hass avocado: its skin is rough and dark green. It's better to use it in sandwiches.

2. Bacon avocado: it's one of the most popular and consumed varieties, the skin is thin, and it has a creamy texture. It's ideal to make guacamole.

3. Zutano avocado: its skin is shiny and thin, its texture is soft and has very little flavor, therefore, you can include it in salads.

4. Fuerte avocado: it's bigger in size, it¿s harvested from Fall to Spring. It ripens quite fast.

5. Reed avocado: it's round and its skin is bright green and easy to peel and it's the best option to cook fill up avocados.

6. Pinkerton avocado: it's quite long and has a thick skin, it's creamy and it's better to use it on tacos.

7. Lamb Hass avocado: it's similar to Hass avocado but bigger.

8. Nabal avocado: it has a thick skin and it's hard to peel. It's better to fill it up with other ingredients because of its texture.

9. Creole avocado: its skin is so thin it can be eaten and contains fiber. It tastes like anise and has a creamy consistency.


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