Authorities investigate the leak of photographs showing the body of Ingrid Escamilla

In a leaked video, the murderer can is seen confessing the heinous crime

Authorities investigate the leak of photographs showing the body of Ingrid Escamilla
People walk past a pair of women's red shoes, put on display by Mexican visual artist Elina Chauvet to protest against gender violence and femicide, at Zocalo square in Mexico City, Mexico January 11, 2020 - Photo: Gustavo Graf/REUTERS
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Nelly Montealegre, the local deputy prosecutor for the Attention to Victims of Crime and Services to the Community from Mexico City’s Attorney General Office, said the leaked photographs and video won’t be used as evidence in the case of Ingrid Escamilla, who was brutally murdered in Mexico City last weekend.

On February 8, a man murdered Ingrid Escamilla, skinned her body, dismembered her, and threw some of her organs to the sewage.

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During a press conference, the government official said authorities are investigating the leaks in order to determine who was responsible for leaking the photographs and added the local Attorney General Office will be “ruthless” in the trial against the criminal who murdered Ingrid.

In a leaked video, the murderer can is seen confessing the heinous crime, however, once he faced authorities, he refused to talk to prosecutors.

The deputy prosecutor said at least six officials are being investigated for the leak.

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According to Montealegre, the leak could involve the local police officers who arrested the murderer and the experts who were at the crime scene. Those responsible for the leak could face sanctions and charges.

Mexico's National Institute for Women (Inmujeres) urged media outlets not to use the photographs and act according to ethical values after a local newspaper shared the image of Ingrid's body on its cover.

Activists, journalists, and social media users have condemned the femicide of Ingrid, as well as the distribution pictures of her skinned body, which were leaked to the press.

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On Thursday, Mexico’s Interior Ministry (Segob) condemned the dissemination photographs of the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla Vargas, which took place last Sunday at the Gustavo A. Madero borough.

Through a statement, it was informed that they will investigate and punish the leak of the images that revictimize Ingrid.

“The Interior Ministry ratifies its condemn for the publication and dissemination of such material that revictimizes and privileges sensationalism and morbid interest. This infringes upon dignity, intimacy, and the identity of the victims and their families,” said the Ministry.

This happened after President López Obrador ordered the Interior Ministry to carry out an investigation on the leak of photographs of Ingrid Escamilla’s body.

The Ministry headed by Olga Sánchez Cordero reminded that the General Act of Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence allows Segob to monitor and promote guidelines with which media outlets can help eradicate all kinds of violence against women.

Segob also urged justice authorities to pay more attention to their custody chain so as to prevent the illegal leak of this kind of image.

Likewise, the Ministry urged conventional and digital media outlets to avoid spreading images of events linked to femicides or another kind of crime that incur in apologies for crime or that revictimize people.

Freedom of expression and access to information have limits and one of them is to violate the dignity and the integrity of the victims, especially in gender violence,” said Segob.


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