Arms Trafficking: from Nicaragua to Mexico City

EL UNIVERSAL talked to an arms smuggler who revealed alarming information

Arms Trafficking: from Nicaragua to Mexico City
Mexico was demanded the U.S. to eradicate this crime - Photo: Matt York/AP
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In Mexico, when there is talk about arms trafficking, all eyes turn to the northern border, to the U.S., where people can easily purchase any weapon.

In the U.S., in its border with Mexico, it is estimated that there were around 8,500 armories in 2017. There, criminal organizations can easily purchase and smuggle them into Mexico, nevertheless, the situation is shifting and smugglers are introducing guns and riffles through Mexico's southern border, from Central American countries.

According to a smuggler who talked to EL UNIVERSAL, the route used for arms trafficking starts in Nicaragua and the weapons are introduced in Mexico through Quintana Roo or Chiapas and then transported to Tepito in Mexico City, where they are illegally sold. According to his testimony, the arms are transported in trucks or buses with secret compartments. He affirms that authorities receive bribes to allow these vehicles to transit freely.

The proliferation of arms in Mexico has been the main reason behind a decade of violence, sparked by organized crime groups. It is surprising that arms trafficking prevails 10 years later, without any sign of slowing down.

An analysis made by the Security and Citizen Protection Ministry (SSPC) estimates that over 15 million arms are in the hands of civilians. An organization called Small Arms Survey revealed that in 2018, there were around 16,800,000 arms in the country and that 85% of them are illegal. What is the point of banning weapons if the reality is completely different?

The federal government claims that the deployment of U.S. agents in the Mexico-U.S. border to decrease the flow of migrants forced criminal groups to find new routes to smuggle arms.

It is alarming that arms trafficking is flourishing in both borders without a specific strategy to eradicate the phenomenon. Mexico has demanded the U.S. to fight arms trafficking but Mexican authorities also have to acknowledge their responsibility, including omission and inability

Authorities have the responsibility to investigate arms trafficking from Central America, as explained by the smuggler. His testimony provides key information such as routes and serious accusations against police officers. This case should be investigated if the government is willing to eradicate arms trafficking.


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