Anaya's case airs the PRD's dirty laundry

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Anaya airs the PRD's dirty laundry
Ricardo Anaya, presidential candidate for the National Action Party (PAN) – Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS
English 05/07/2018 12:00 Mexico City Opinion: Under Reserve Actualizada 12:56

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Anaya's case airs the PRD's dirty laundry

There's a catfight between the PRD members who advised the presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya because of their opposing opinions inside their war room, mostly because of Anaya's continuous attacks on President Peña Nieto. The PRD wing, you heard this from us, advised Mr. Anaya to fight the President, to adopt an anti-establishment position under the argument that the President is disapproved by 80% of the Mexican population.

We're told the other branch opposed this discourse, because they made unspeakable agreements with Peña Nieto and because they can't touch a hair on his head, not even with a TV spot. The thing is that one or the other lost on the polls and now they're airing their dirty laundry… Members of the PRD, Does the shoe fits?

Who's looking after AMLO?

Discretely and from a distance, two military details dressed as civilians have begun to follow the President-Elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. A motorcyclist from the Federal Police was also seen outside his office. In his meeting with businessmen yesterday morning, López Obrador was accompanied by another motorcyclist from the Mexico City's Public Safety Ministry (SSP). As you're well aware, since the 2006 election, Mr. Andrés has declined the protection of the Presidential Guard and has said that now as the President-Elect, and starting on December, as President, he won't require the protection of the Presidential Guard or have a bodyguard. Meanwhile, they're looking after AMLO against his will.

Bucareli and the 2018 elections

From now on you will witness a particular scene: politicians will award themselves medals for the good development of the presidential election, the largest election in Mexican history, and its results. Nevertheless, we're told that in the Interior Minister's office in Bucareli, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, worked hard for a pacific and organized election. We're told it was a month-long task carried by Mr. Alfonso, who held over a hundred meetings with political representatives from all parties, every governor and members from the Chamber of Commerce, with whom he drew up a work plan. And the Interior Ministry celebrated the positive results.

The INE fights fake news

The ballots, certificates and permanent ink used in the July 1st election passed the test. We're told that Marco Baños, the Chief of the Electoral Training and Organization Committee of the INE, presented a report about the inspection of these three elements and he explained that 427 tests were done to the application of the permanent ink and he confirmed it stays on the finger. Also, they randomly tested 300 ballots, one of each from the Board of Directors in every polling station and it was confirmed that each one of them complied with all the safety measures: visible and invisible optical fibers, stamped paper and the micro-printing of the INE emblem. Meaning, everything that was said on social media about the possibility of erasing the ink turned out to be fake news. Nevertheless, the proofs were necessary, just in case…