AMLO’s Austerity Law may not apply to PEMEX officials

Due to a legal loophole, MORENA's new austerity law may not apply to PEMEX's high officials

AMLO’s Austerity Law may not apply to PEMEX officials
Photo: Sáshenka Gutiérrez/EFE
English 18/09/2018 15:46 Newsroom Mexico City Noé Cruz Serrano, Suzette Alcántara, and Alberto Morales Actualizada 15:49
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Last Monday 10th of September, Mexican Petroleums (PEMEX)’s general director Carlos Treviño Medina received an information sheet from the head of the Legislation Liaison Unit of the state oil company, Francisco Guzmán Lazo, with copies sent to all corporate directors of PEMEX branches and subsidiaries, informing that the wage limit of 108,000 pesos a month imposed by President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador would “not apply to PEMEX officials.”

The document added that, according to the Regulatory Law for Article 127 of the Constitution, should the wage cuts be implemented, they would not apply to PEMEX staff, unless constitutional regulations that are currently in place were abolished.

Last Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies approved the Federal Law of Remunerations for Public Servants, which aims to regulate wages and forbid officials from earning more than the President-elect. The law was passed on to the Executive power for revision and further enactment.

Mexican newspaper EL UNIVERSAL consulted with PEMEX regarding the veracity of the document and the company’s position.

Officials from the oil company acknowledged that the information sheet had “indeed reached the general directorate’s office, under the title: Draft Law Project for the Regulation of Remunerations among Public Servants of the Federation.” The company restated its intention to abide by the law.

At present, according to PEMEX’s transparency portal, the general director earns a gross wage of 220,493 pesos a month. Wages for corporate directors at the company’s subsidiaries rise to 180,000 pesos a month while professional advisers are paid 179,750 pesos.

The deputy coordinator for the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) political party, Mario Delgado, warned that public officials would be subject to earning less than the President and that PEMEX’s operation did not need to be modified, even though the law that is currently being revised by Mexico’s Executive Power was elaborated before the company became non-dependent of the State.

Senators from MORENA, PAN, and PRD agreed that the new law would have to be revised and corrected so that the limit of 108,000 pesos a month could also apply to PEMEX’s high command.


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