16 | JUL | 2019
AMLO wants to unleash the “Tigres”
Andrés Manuel López Obrador - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

AMLO wants to unleash the “Tigres”

Mexico City
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AMLO wants to unleash the “Tigres”

We've been told that the presidential candidate of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), wants to unleash the tigers and, this time, it's not a threat, according to our sources. No, no, actually, we're talking about some negotiations to have the music group “Tigres del Norte” play at the Azteca Stadium during the closure event of Mr. Andrés Manuel's campaign. We've been told that the request is to have the “Tigres” to come to the event, sing, but for free. That is, a free-of-cost performance on behalf of López Obrador. We've been told the band is actually thinking about it yet they haven't decided if they'll perform or not not only because they will be doing it for free but because it would also bee a political statement. Our sources have jokingly said that AMLO hasn't won yet and he already wants to be treated as the boss of bosses.

Support for the Russians?

And speaking of Mr. Andresmanuelovich, we've been told that despite the busy agenda closing a campaign implies, there's time to watch the football matches of the 2018 Russia World Cup. Members of AMLO's campaign team have said the last straw would be for Obrador's rivals to try and hit him by claiming Mr. Andrés Manuel supports Russia's National team instead of Mexico's – as reciprocity for the “Moscow gold” the Kremlin has sent to the candidate.

Female reinforcements for Meade

For the third and final presidential debate, scheduled for tonight in Mérida, we've been told presidential candidate José Antonio Meade will not be accompanied by his friend José Antonio González Anaya, Minister of Finance. The debate has coincided with a working day and the Head of the Finances Department has no way to justify his absence – unless he is deducted his day's pay. Yet, his absence won't be fully felt as his wife, Gabriela Gerard Rivero, will go in his stead. We've been told she arrived last Sunday to the capital of Yucatán together with Meade's wife, Juana Cuevas.

A fire in the PAN

Another battle rages within the conservative National Action Party (PAN) and the strategy of Ricardo Anaya Cortés has been to ignore the rebel senators. The president of the Senate, Ernesto Cordero – still a PAN member – has gathered some animosity against, led by the coordinator of the PAN group Fernando Herrera Ávila, who has accused Mr. Ernesto of acting out of resentment and frustration. Herrera's words are mild if we remember Ernesto Ruffo called the rebels “traitors.” And to make matters worse, yesterday Mr. Ernesto denounced before Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR), for alleged money laundering, the candidate of his party. The fire in the PAN breaks out two weeks before election day.


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