AMLO's diploma arrangements

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AMLO's diploma arrangements
The National Palace, AMLO's future office – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO's diploma arrangements

It took the Electoral Tribunal's representatives, led by Janine Otálora, and the now President-elect's team around a week to refine the last details for the solemn session to deliver the majority certificate, to Andrés Manuel López Obrador. During the previous days, we're told, they paved the way for the ceremony to be developed according to the expectations generated by the July elections. The magistrates, we're explained, were pleased with what they considered as a historic journey, with a nourished audience, including guests and the media. The event couldn't have been better and with a republican character. By delivering the certificate, the presidential election is finally over. Congratulations to the counselors and the magistrates as well!

The diploma and the Congress

We're told that in the political arena there are actions and behaviors that call for attention during this smooth transition. For example, Emilio Gamboa Patrón, the PRI senator, asked the Permanent Commission to take some time off to watch the majority certificate ceremony be delivered to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who will kick the PRI out from Los Pinos, and almost erases the mythic party from the Legislative branch. We're told that the arrangements were made for two Morena Senators, David Monreal Ávila and Luis Humberto Fernández Fuentes, to direct the session, in a sort of passing of the torch that made Morena's members really happy. We're told we will see this sort of things in the incoming years.

Scheming in the science arena

During the National Science, Technology and Innovation Forum 2018, which ended yesterday, we're told that the there was a buzz in the halls. But not of brains working on new knowledge, no! Several science representatives in the country are mad at Teresa de León Zamora, Technology Commercialization director, and Conacyt's Secretary. We're told that the official is setting sail to science in the field she is in charge of. For example, we're told that she implemented a mechanism to create start-ups instead of propelling and strengthening scientific development and technology modernization in Mexico. Who says scientist aren't into scheming?

A runway in the PAN

As it hadn't happened in a long time, during the eve of the PAN's National Council ordinary session, many visitors arrived to the PAN's headquarters, as everyone wanted to have a meeting with the current party president, Damián Zepeda, who will pass on the torch by the end of August, to the general secretary, Marcelo Torres, in order to take office as senator. We're told that governors were seen on the third floor, and after 6 p.m., the Deputies' coordinator and party leadership contender, Marko Cortés, who has denied he's the official candidate from Anaya's current. We're told that the PAN members have asked Mr. Damián that the Electoral Commission's work be transparent, fair, and away from personal interests, for the succession in the PAN.