30 days to find Emilio Lozoya
Emilio Lozoya is at large since Monday - Photo: Adrián Hernández/EL UNIVERSAL

30 days to find Emilio Lozoya

Mexico City
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30 days to find Emilio Lozoya

We've been told that President López Obrador is really angry because the members of the security cabinet haven't been able to arrest the former Pemex director, Emilio Lozoya. During the meeting, the President questioned his collaborators for allowing Lozoya to escape. The President was even angrier when he was told that Emilio Lozoya could be in Germany; then López Obrador sent an ultimatum: they have 30 days to arrest him. The hunt begins and if Lozoya isn't arrested in one month, someone in the federal government might have to resign.

Bukele has fans in Mexico

Recently, La Luz del Mundo has been embroiled in two scandals: his leader is accused of sexual abuse and the religious sect used the Palace of Fine Arts for an event, which is banned as Mexico is a secular state. Previously, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that some federal deputies are members of this church and that they praise him on social media, well, the same politicians also admire Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador. We've been told that these lawmakers visited the country as election observers and agree with his ideas.

The PRI reaches a breaking point

EL UNIVERSAL has revealed that the PRI is going having a hard time in the midst of its internal election. Yesterday, José Narro, who hoped to become the new PRI leader, left the party after 46 years. Narro thanked Manlio Fabio Beltrones for his support, and Beltrones then announced he would not vote during the election. And as if it weren't enough, Beatriz Pagés also left the party. Who is next?

Emiliano Salinas and NXIVM

Keith Raniere, the founder and leader of NXIVM, was found guilty during his trial in New York after he was exposed for enslaving women. During the trial, Emiliano Salinas, the son of the former President Carlos Salinas was mentioned several times. Nevertheless, Salinas names as a co-conspirator but was never asked to testify and wasn't charged in the U.S. According to his lawyers, according to criminal law in New York, a co-conspirator might have played a key role in a crime but that doesn't imply that the co-conspirator knew about the crimes. They claim Raniere lied to Salinas.


Emilio Lozoya, former Pemex director, to be arrested by Mexican authorities

The judge explained that Lozoya violated each and every condition dictated to him
Emilio Lozoya, former Pemex director, to be arrested by Mexican authoritiesEmilio Lozoya, former Pemex director, to be arrested by Mexican authorities


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