PRD's encrypted message to Mancera

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PRD's encrypted message to Mancera

With the signatures of most of its different tribes, left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) is sending an encrypted message to Mexico City's head of government: Miguel Ángel Mancera, who will be the party's presidential candidate. He must attend and participate in a meeting that will define the path of the party towards the presidential election of 2018. What are we talking about? You are sure wondering. The tribes, except René Bejarano's National Democratic Left, and Carlos Sotelo's group, have an important working session this Sunday to approve the initiative of a Broad Democratic Front for next year's elections, including far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) and its leader Andres Manuel López Obrador, hence not tying themselves to an exclusive coalition with conservative National Action Party (PAN). And, because he is not officially a militant, Mr. Miguel Ángel has been invited to the yellow summit as an outsider. What will be Mancera's response to the message of PRD groups? How will governors Silvano Aureoles and Graco Ramírez, who have also raised their hands for 2018, take the invitation?

PRI makes waves in San Lázaro

Waves are beginning to stir in the Chamber of Deputies because of the takeover in the presidency of the board that will take the reins from the first of September when the regular session starts. We are told that it's the turn for ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) now, after left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) got the first chance and conservative National Action Party (PAN) the second. For now, PRI members are starting to throw two names: current vice-coordinator in the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, and current vice president of the board, Gloria Himelda Felix Niebla. But, we are told, a decision still needs to be made, examined and shared by PRI parliamentary coordinator, César Camacho, who is also flirting with State of Mexico's governor-elect, Alfredo del Mazo, to occupy a spot in the state's cabinet. Ladies and gentlemen, make your bets!

SCJN Challenges

By the way, the left Democratic Revolution Party's (PRD) parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies remembered something that many politicians had forgotten: the legal challenges presented by the Federal Executive and the Senate to the new Political Constitution of Mexico City. PRD member Evelyn Parra called on the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to resolve as soon as possible the actions of unconstitutionality that both institutions carried out to give legal certainty to citizens who have different sexual orientation and who need a more egalitarian society, such as the right to civil marriage, consecrated in the maximum legal order of the capital of the country. The context? Last Saturday's huge parade on the streets of Mexico City.

New battle against Maduro

A new battle is in sight on the billboard of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the Venezuelan file, in which the new chancellor of the government of Nicolás Maduro may be introduced. We are told that the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, will present in the next few days a new report on the situation in Venezuela which will be submitted to analysis of the member countries of the multilateral organization. Mexico has already warned that its position does not change, that the crisis in Venezuela is serious and that it will insist on the search of a consensus to urge Mr. Nicolás to reverse the Constituent Assembly to allow humanitarian aid mainly. It is not ruled out, the Mexican government says, that the new chancellor Samuel Moncada responds on Twitter with diatribe.

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