Cases of drug sales by small-scale traffickers outside or within a few meters of high, junior high, or even elementary schools, in several parts of Mexico have been documented. The national survey on tobacco shows that the first access to cigarette consumption occurs at the age of 9 years. Society and authorities are mainly concerned with keeping minors out of any drug temptation, legal or illegal, but many forget that in universities the supply also exists, sometimes at higher levels, and not so hidden.

It is frequent that, around high schools and universities, students can have access to alcohol a few steps away from their own classrooms since establishments violate the regulations and are installed in the surroundings of such study centers.

Because of its clandestine nature, the sale of illegal drugs is less known, but it also occurs in higher education centers - in or around them. The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM ) is no exception: in the pronouncement made by the academic governing body on May 11, it is established as point 10 of the UNAM security actions "to continue the permanent combat against drug sale within our facilities ".

In this regard, EL UNIVERSAL publishes today that the Attorney General's Office is aware that cells of the so-called Tláhuac Cartel operate within the premises of UNAM. The identification of the group is a step forward for the eradication of a problem that this institution has been dragging for some years. From January to June only, 13 people were arrested for allegedly selling drugs in the university facilities.

Since March, this dairy has documented that all types of drugs are sold in a spot known as El Fronton , in the sports area of the so-called Ciudad Universitaria , with the alleged complicity of surveillance and administrative employees. After such information was disclosed, the reporter of this dairy who broke the story was threatened.

Recognizing the existence of a problem should always be the first step to overcoming it. In this sense, the current direction of UNAM does not evade the situation and has shown readiness to attack it. Without violating autonomy, there is collaboration with the authorities to arrest those responsible outside the campus. These are external groups that seek to become entrenched. Monitoring and control over university staff are also imperative; the allegations of complicity should be reviewed.

The UNAM, as well as any educational institution, must keep out the threat of small-scale trafficking. Knowledge must always overcome crime.


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