Lizalde receives International Prize

President Enrique Peña Nieto gives the award to “the most important living poet of Mexico”

Taken from YouTube Presidency live stream
English 29/05/2017 15:48 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 14:27

Evoking Carlos Fuentes and his masterpiece, "The Most Transparent Region", writer Eduardo Lizalde received from the hands of President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, the Carlos Fuentes International Prize for Literary Creation in the Spanish language.

During his participation, the author of “El Tigre en la Casa” (The Tiger in the House) paid tribute to Carlos Fuentes and recalled that "The Most Transparent Region" was a work expected by many.

He also mentioned how Fuentes' friends already knew that he planned to give it a title inspired by an epigraph that Alfonso Reyes had inscribed in an old book about America and the Mexican world: "Traveler, you have reached the most transparent region of the air."

The ceremony was also attended by the secretary of Federal Culture, Maria Cristina García CepedaUNAM rector, Dr. Enrique Graue Wiechers; The president of the Commission of Culture and Cinematography in the Chamber of Deputies, Santiago Taboada; The president of the Committee on Culture in the Senate of the Republic, Gerardo Sánchez Garcia; The director of the Mexican Academy of Language (AML), Jaime Labastida; member of the AML, Vicente Quirarte, and Silvia Lemus, widow of the writer.

García Cepeda acknowledged the participation of the University, because "the university space has been the cornerstone of the culture of Mexico. The alliance with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), to give life to this award, shows the will of our institutions to enrich the heritage of Mexicans”. She said

Graue Wiechers added that "Eduardo Lizalde is, in the words of Octavio Paz himself, a man who has changed the current poetic landscape."

The Carlos Fuentes Prize has been awarded two previous times. The first time was received by Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa and then Nicaraguan Sergio Ramírewz Mercado.