Manchester United and Ajax play final under the shadow of terrorism

The attack at the Manchester Arena, where 23 people died and 59 more were injured, left the awaited UEFA final relegated to the background

English 23/05/2017 14:46 Reuters Stockholm, Sweden Actualizada 14:31
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Tomorrow, Manchester United and Ajax, two of the most traditional football teams in Europe, will play in Stockholm the Liga Europa final tainted by the terrorist attack that took place last Monday night in Manchester.

The faces of the United footballers today on their last practice before traveling to Sweden, preceded by a minute of silence, were of pain and consternation. The team's press conference was canceled and, on social media, the players were not talking about football, but rather expressed their condolences to the families of the victims of the attack perpetrated after American singer, Ariana Grande's, concert.

The attack at the Manchester Arena, where 23 people died and 59 more were injured, left the “clash of titans”, as UEFA had baptized the match, relegated to the background.

Security measures in Stockholm, city which already suffered a terrorist attack in April, were strengthened, although UEFA and authorities claimed there are no signs of potential attacks on the city.

It is a game that will mark José Mourinho's first season with United. A victory will not only allow the club to conquer Liga Europa for the first time but also get a spot in the next Champions League after finishing sixth in the Premier League.


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