Music industry celebrates in Jalisco

The International Professional Music Fair will gather artists, musicians, record labels and promoters from May 25 to 28

Enrique Blanc will coordinate the showcases at the FIMPRO – Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes/EL UNIVERSAL
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Artists, musicians, managers, promoters, record labels and people from the music industry will be present at the International Professional Music Fair (FIMPRO) in Guadalajara next May 25 to 28.

For the first time, in its fifth edition, the fair will count with a guest country: Germany. Its delegation will be made up of 15 music professionals and the presence of the Reeperbahn festival. According to music critic, Enrique Blanc, Germany “comes with much interest of approaching Latin American music.”

Canada will also attend the festival, which will count with several locations across Guadalajara and will offer conferences, workshops, concerts and activities that seek to encourage the relations among these professionals.

With this set of activities, says Blanc, they want to start the debate around the moment the independent music scene is living and create a Latin American community.

FIMPRO, he added, is not just another music festival, but a proposal that looks forward to becoming an alternative for independent musicians “with no multinational companies or television monopolies” in the way. “It's not only about going and seeing a group, but also creating a community at American and Latin American level, creating a circuit, a market where groups can circulate and professionals get to know each other”. 

The fair will be presented at different venues, such as Teatro Cavaret, Palíndromo and Vía Libertad.


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