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This is how the State of Mexico’s election is seen at Los Pinos

Nothing for anyone. That could be the summary of the sixth survey that the Presidency of the Republic raised in the election in the State of Mexico, dated April 20. The positions have not changed, the differences are minimal and, except for the candidate of MORENA, Delfina Gomez, none of the three pointers has grown or dropped significantly. Alfredo del Mazo, from the ruling PRI party, appears in first place with 25.32 percent of the preferences. Last time, dated April 11, he had 25.73%. The second place is occupied by Josefina Vázquez Mota, from conservative PAN, who has 23.19%, previously she had 23.08%. The third is the highest-growth candidate, Delfina Gómez, from MORENA, with 22.35%; before she had 21.97. She has a rising trend if we consider that it was 18.90% on March 3. Fourth is the left PRD candidate, Juan Zepeda, who registers 7.32% and comes from a 6.92. Although these numbers might suggest that the difference between the first and second place will be minimal, the relevant detail appears in the number of people who do not know or did not answer for whom they will vote. The figure is 17.97%; in the previous count, it was 18.10%. Today, everyone depends on this last segment of people to win the race for the prize this year. This is how the view looks like from Los Pinos. There is nothing for anyone.

Morena’s Congresswoman, “The Collector”, caught yet again.

In case she decides to show up today before the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Offenses (FEPADE), which depends on the Attorney General Office (PGR), Ms. Eva Cadena's, former member the MORENA party, will have one more explanation to give regarding a new video presented today by EL UNIVERSAL. In this new chapter we see the star of our last videos: The Cadena former congresswoman, in her role as “The Collector”, receiving money, apparently a million pesos, from an unidentified person. This money, according to the man who is handing it in, is the payment to the legislator for making a law “suitable” for them. Does that mean this was a set up all over again? Did the ruling powers force her to make a “suitable” law? Didn’t she know who gave her that million pesos? Will she say she made a mistake and that she already gave the money back? That she was bribed in order to hit Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who, by the way, is never mentioned in this new video? Three set-ups? Isn’t that too much? Wouldn’t it be pertinent to think that perhaps Ms. Cadena is the kind of person that likes to get cash in exchange for political favors?

Morena free of fines in Veracruz

Unlike what happened in the State of Mexico, where they received the highest amounts in fines for irregularities in the report of income and expenses of pre-campaigns, MORENA got away with it in the case of their aspiring candidates in Veracruz. They will not be fined with a single peso, and the trick was simple: although it has prerogatives for 63 million pesos in the State, MORENA decided that its candidates to mayors would not carry out pre-campaigns. That included the, then pre-candidate of that party to Las Choapas, Veracruz, Eva Cadena, who was removed from the postulation after appearing on video receiving money, allegedly for her campaign. It is clear that she collected, but didn’t run.

Waves coming out of PAN

Yesterday in this space we commented you that we were told that the differences between the PAN President, Ricardo Anaya and former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, during the PAN National Council meeting last Saturday had pushed the former Governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, to support the position of Mr. Calderón on the need for Anaya to allow a fair process for all candidates for the presidential candidacy. Today we are told that there is also a great confrontation between Mr. Moreno Valle and Mr. Calderón, since they do not agree on the method to be used for the selection of the 2018’s presidential candidates. Calderón and his wife, and aspirant to the candidacy, Margarita Zavala, are bidding that the candidate is chosen by designation, while Moreno Valle demands that it be through the vote of the militants. We are told that this issue is making waves between Calderonism and Morenovallism.



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