Mexico senate passes medical marijuana bill

The bill, which was drafted and passed by Mexico's upper chamber of Congress, was sent to the lower chamber for its discussion and subsequent revision and vote.

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With 98 yea and only 7 nay votes, Mexico's upper chamber of congress passed an amendment to the General Health Law and Federal Criminal Code to legalize marijuana for medicinal, therapeutic and research purposes.

The draft, which was endorsed by Mexico's senators, was sent to the lower house of Congress for its analysis and discussion, and subsequent vote.

While presenting the bill, the president of the Senate Internal Affairs Committee, Cristina Díaz, argued that the bill aims to address the medical needs of thousands of Mexican citizens with certain medical conditions who are currently on a wait list for medical cannabis, which can only be imported into the country under current legislation.

However, although the bill passed the Senate with near unanimous support, many legislators expressed their concern over the scope of the bill, which they say doesn't do enough to address the country's escalating problems with organized crime.

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