Casa Fayette voted one of the best new hotels

The boutique hotel that's operated by the Mexican-owned hotel chain Habita, was designed by the Milan-based Dimore Studio.

An interior view of the hotel's restaurant by the chef Trevor de la Presle, who is originally from California (Photo: Courtesy of Undine Pröhl)
English 12/12/2016 20:16 Newsroom Guadalajara, Jalisco Actualizada 20:18
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The Casa Fayette boutique hotel, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, was chosen as one of the world's Best Urban Hotels 2016 by Wallpaper magazine.

The chic property, which is owned and operated by the Mexican-owned Grupo Habita hotel chain, was voted one of the best urban hotels in the world that opened its door in the last 12 months.

The hotel was designed by the Milan-based Dimore Studio, which Fobres calls “the Prada of the design world.”

This isn't the first hotel by Grupo Habita to receive this award. In 2002 it won the same award for its insignia hotel in Mexico City and in 2010 its hotel in Monterrey was mentioned in the magazine's Best Business Hotel category.

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