Man kills woman because “the Devil told him to”

The 29 year-old man who called himself "the Devil's Hitman" had been deported from Chicago after committing a similar crime.

English 24/11/2016 21:09 Matamoros, Tamaulipas Actualizada 21:11

A man was arrested in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, after allegedly killing a homeless woman.

The crime occurred while both were inside a bus station terminal.

According to an official police report, the man, who's first name is Alfredo, told police officers that “a superior voice” gave him “permission” to kill the women.

“The devil ordered me to kill her,” said the 29 year-old man. The man had just been deported from to Mexico from the U.S.

The man, who calls himself “the Devil's Hitman” became violent and destroyed several things inside the bus station's bathroom when police officers attempted to take him down.

Alfredo had apparently committed a similar crime in Chicago.