Light over central Mexico skies was not a meteorite: Experts

It was a bolide and it's just a technicality, mind you.

To be called a meteorite it has to actually crash on the ground, but it burned in the atmosphere. (Photo: Courtesy WebCams of Mexico)
English 21/05/2016 16:54 Puebla, Puebla Actualizada 16:54

Researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE) of Mexico reported that the object observed in the skies over the central territories of the country was probably a bolide of a metallic or rocky composition.

José Ramón Valdés Parra, a researcher from the INAOE, expressed during a press conference that "a body of which we do not know the dimensions, entered into the atmosphere" causing the light and noise seeing during the early hours of the day.

He added that while some people have called the object a meteorite, it is actually called a bolide because it did not crash on the ground, like what happened three years ago in Russia.

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