Presumed pedophile identified in Tabasco

He is the father of the abused girl.

The man was recorded while improperly touching the minor. (Photo: @FGETabasco).
English 11/04/2016 18:00 Leobardo Pérez Marín/Tabasco Actualizada 18:00

The Office of the Attorney General of the state of Tabasco reported that it's looking for alleged pedophile Juan Vicente Hernández León, who was recorded at a restaurant in Villahermosa while improperly touching his own daughter, who's under six years old.

Attorney General Fernando Valenzuela Pernas reported to media that the suspect was found in the State of Mexico, as well as the allegedly abused girl, who he seems to be touching in an improper manner in a video recorded in a restaurant in the city of Villahermosa.

The man was presented before the authorities Sunday and after several hours he was released due to an appeal. On Monday, a judge presented an arrest order against him and Hernández León is considered a fugitive.

In the meantime, the girl is under the custody of the Family Development Institute and a judge will determine who will be her custodian.