Two sets of human remains found in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz

They are skeletal remains and blood stains.

(Photo: EFE)
English 08/02/2016 20:35 Actualizada 20:35
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The Interior Ministry (Segob) reported the discovery of two sets of human remains and traces of blood corresponding to two of the five youngsters who disappeared in the region of Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.

In a statement, Segob reported that the remains were subjected to a rigorous genetic analysis by the Federal Police and they were correlated to two of the youngsters who disappeared last January 11.

The remains were found in the municipality of Tlalixcoyan, Veracruz, after the National Gendarmerie was deployed in the area.

The area had also been used for the production of drugs and illegal storage of fuel, as well as armouring vehicles.

The results of the investigation were released during a meeting with relatives of the missing people and representatives of the state authorities, Human Rights officers and members of the Executive Commission of Victim Care.

The five young men were seen for the last time on January 11 when they were returning from the area of Playa Vicente. The authorities determined that they were detained by the state police and handed over to a criminal gang operating in the area.

So far, the authorities have arrested seven police officers involved in their disappearance.

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